What is Social Media Marketing

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social Media

Social media is a term used to describe or define sites used for social interaction.  The most popular of these sites are Twitter and Facebook. They’ve amassed billions of users, each with their own social circles.  The profile of each individual is characterized by new stories that appear every minute. Users are able to tell stories of their personal lives in events, statuses, using photos, or videos.  These sites have recently opted to include businesses in this social circle.  Businesses may gain followers. Consumers follow businesses for new information about industry news, product changes, and product improvements.  Users may also follow the business to build a social circle. Other types of social media sites are Pinterest, which capitalizes on pictures to tell stories.  This is a visual approach to social media. Businesses utilize it to share product pictures, services, and other activities happening in a business.

Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social-media marketing, a business must take part in order to reach a wider audience.  Social-media marketing is a way for the business to communicate with its consumers and develop the business brand.  The business may share product information, services and other behind the scene stories on social media.  This gives the clients or consumers a rare glimpse into the business.  This form of marketing is a method used to personalize the business.  Consumers are able to interact with the business as they would a friend.  Depending on the size of the business, the marketing strategy on social media may have a huge budget, a small budget or none at all.  Either one will work for the business as long as it has a presence online. The goal is to create a space where consumers can meet the business on a more social platform as opposed to the website that might be static.  MesaSEO.net is one of the top social media marketing agencies in Phoenix, AZ.  They have set up many social media campaigns for business, non-profits, and social awareness issues such as cancer.

Goals of Marketing with Social Media

Brand Awareness

Businesses choose to go into social media in order to increase the number of people visiting the company website.  Businesses want more consumers going to the website to find their products and services.  Some ways that a business might employ to gain website traffic is through contests, giveaways or special deals that prompt consumers to visit the site.  Businesses also choose marketing on social media to find new customers. They might want to increase on their customer base.  Social media is wide reaching and one follower on social media could lead to customer in the future. This is called conversion.  A business also joins social media to increase its brand awareness.  Brands are created through culture, and an idea.  There are companies that are starting out and want as many as possible knowing about their brand in a particular industry.  Social media is the best way to achieve increased brand awareness.

Brand Identity

In some cases, companies get on social media to give their business an identity.  They want to show a more social responsible side through events done in the community or within the company.  They might also want to share industry news, and tips on how to achieve particular objectives in the same industry. This adds a positive view to the business.  The best part about this type of marketing is that the company gets to interact with its consumers. They get feedback on products, services or any other events held by the business.  It is a way to know more about what the consumer is looking for in the company.  In some cases, businesses have capitalized on parts of their products they hadn’t before through consumer suggestions on social media.

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